Sunday, May 11, 2014

Netflix Addiction: G.I. Joe: Retaliation

My dearest whales and whalettes, back when I was but a wee little Hunter Sparta, my father would give me G.I. Joes to show me the beautiful arts of combat. I would entertain myself with vicious battles that would tear them limb from limb and later on enjoy the spoils of war with my sisters Barbies. My memory seems distant of this time so long ago but with G.I. Joe some memories came back and yet others stayed way buried where they belong.

With the first G.I. Joe movie being the catastrophe that it was, the most skeptical of skepticisms invaded me once I sat down to witness the next possible train wreck. Wait a second my brothers and sisters… is that The ROCK? This already seems like an improvement. Upon watching the shootout and apparent the death-stricken Duke, I GLORIOUSLY say this is an EPIC improvement to the previous title. Now, far away from being a solid good, this movie at least gives more action and decent acting, but like my childhood memories of my G.I. Joes, the presence of Bruce Willis and The ROCK weren’t enough to merit a solid stay down memory lane as I almost completely forgot the rest of the movie except for the two previously mentioned favorite actors.  There are ninja fights though, that was cool.

Being a fan of Bruce Willis, The ROCK and G.I. Joe, I cannot complain with what I got. Tons of characters we came to love when we were small, savage creatures on the big screen portrayed with a big budget. I don’t know about you whales, but my thirst for action was quenched and I give this movie 3 and a half shields out of 5. With that I take my leave. Is it just me or is The Rock turning into The Hulk? This is Dr. Sparta, recommending paying a visit into your min, for childhood memories are the foundation to your personality in the future. That is truly where GLORY is remembered best!

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