Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Twitching 3: Wings of DeathX

By. Temper

   Following up on BZork's MOBA article, this month I decided to give you guys a look at the streamer that has helped me understand of League of Legends the most and my role as a top-laner.
Daryl Hennegan, better known on Twitch and by the League community as WingsofDeathX, is a high ranking LoL player. Hennegan mainly plays the role of the solo top-laner. WingsofDeathX is a well-respected player by pros and fans alike having been a substitute for teams like Dignitas and Team Solo Mid, and having played for TSM.evo and Epik Game.

   Wings is a fairly well known streamer and is best known for being extremely informative during his stream helping his viewers better understand everything from champions, runes, masteries, to the very flow of the game. He will constantly point out his mistakes, missteps, better plays or just a more effective way to accomplish his goals. Wings will take the time to explain his matchup and what went right or wrong in a team fight in every match. Overall he has a very good grip on the flow of the game and what it takes to win, even if a win doesn't always happen. 

  As with every MOBA streamer however, Wings does have to deal with unruly teammates, troll players, and a rowdy chat. But to his credit, Wings has a no tolerance policy and tries his best to keep both toxic players and viewers in check. Wings also rewards his subscribers (of which I am one) with end of stream subscriber only games.

  If you want to learn more about the solo lanes and mechanics of League of Legends, you can't go wrong with giving WingsofDeathX a view. I highly recommend you check out his stream and learn all that you can from one of the best resources out there. http://www.twitch.tv/wingsofdeath

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