Thursday, May 1, 2014

Anime Review: Amnesia Part 1

By. Aliraluna

Amnesia is the story of Heroine, a girl that wakes up in a new world every August 1st with memory loss. After awakening she doesn’t know why she's there, what happened, nor who she really is or who are "they". Also, Heroine has a new boyfriend every time she wakes up. Will she ever regain her memory? What happened to her in reality? What’s real and what’s not? Why are these worlds trying to kill her? Find out... The anime consists of twelve episodes.

My thoughts: 

First of all, this anime and story was based on an otome or girl video game, in which the player takes the role of the lead, female character, in this case Heroine, and chooses any of the male characters. The story will develop according to the player’s interest and choice. This is why Heroine changes boyfriends every time she wakes up. As the story develops, the male character’s personal story appears when she's his girlfriend. Now that we know this, I have to say that the visuals are really, really good. The colors and the outfits are simply exquisite. Now, as mentioned earlier the anime and the story are based on a video game. It’s really difficult to understand what's happening, and to tell you the truth, I came to love the anime from episode 9 to 12. That is because we don't know anything about Heroine and she doesn't talk much. For those who haven't played an otome game, the story is usually narrated slowly, bit by bit, and you learn more about it when you involve yourself more throughout the game. Besides these little issues, I can say it's a really good anime and that I simply enjoyed the main theme which is love and I didn't mind if she had five boyfriends. For me, she should stay with Ukyo. What did I like of each character? Shin has beauty and a strong personality; Ikki also has beauty and is a gentleman; Kent is intelligent but dumb when it comes to expressing his feelings, yet he understood what was happening; Toma is kind, loving, and passionate about books and video games and; last but not least Ukyo, who’s thoughtful, also very loving, he has a cute face (when he's not crazy of course), and simply sweet. I give this anime a 4/5!

Characters Intro:

When Heroine wakes up the first time she meets Orion, a spirit-almost-fairy, which explains to her that the amnesia afflicting her was his fault, as his spirit collided with hers. He's from another world and only 'Heroine' is able to see and talk to him. Also, he will help her by staying at her side and trying to give her hope and strength by counseling her, that is, when he is available to appear.

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