Saturday, May 24, 2014

Useful Tips for Cosplayers

  By  Marjorie Morningstar of Cosplay +Sz

Here you’ll see a few tips for con attendees in their cosplays. You will find them useful for a smooth experience.  Concerning you:

• Be well rested. I know it's difficult to have a good sleep the day of the con. Between the excitement and the final touches for the cosplay we tend to sleep only a few hours. Plan ahead to have everything ready and sleep well
• Have a good breakfast. You don’t know how many hours you will spend at

the entrance line and you will need lots of energy so you can strike awesome poses. So eat before you get there and charge up for a day of complete fun.

• Be prepared. Have a bag with essentials like:

  o A bottle of water (you can refill at the water fountains) and snacks. o Sewing Kit. You can be a super hero, for yourself or any other with this amazing kit. But take only what’s necessary (thread, needle, safety pins, etc.)

  o First aid kit. You don’t know what can happen, and while you wait for the cons medical assistance team you can prevent blood stains on your cosplay with a Hello kitty band aid.

  o A change of clothes in case of a mayor accident or discomfort. Also, in case your cosplay is too revealing and you are asked to change clothes.

  o Girly things. To all my fellow female cosplayers, if Mother Nature has called, take some extra female napkins/tampons with you. You don’t want accidents happening.

• Bring a buddy. You can bribe them with an autograph from a special guest invited to the con or with noms (noms are good bribes). Bring someone who can help you dress up, hold your things while tacking pictures, and enjoy the con with.

Concerning your Cosplay:

• Get it done. The best advice we can give is to have your cosplay finished ahead of time. Try it on and practice posses to make sure the outfit and prop(s) holds.

• Be prepared. Keep every piece of your cosplay together including your make up, so you can get dress with less hassle. You can find bathrooms outside the convention hall where you can get dressed if you need to. If  your cosplay needs body paint, you will need extra time in the morning for
preparations. Be careful not to mess the facilities in the convention center. Try it out first, check for allergies and check if the paint runs.

• Make safe props. There are a lot of different ways to make props, be sure  to use the safest materials for your safety and that of others. Remember that there will be a sea of people and you have to make sure not to hurt yourself or others.

• Strike a pose. Practice your poses with and without your props. You can injure yourself by doing something you are not used to do.

• Enjoy!

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