Thursday, May 15, 2014

Manga review: Fruits Basket vol.2

By Aliraluna
Story and art by: Natsuki Takaya

     Now that Tohru Honda has a nice and safe place to live, knows about the secret of the curse that some members of the Sohma family have to endure and goes to school with Yuki and Kyo Sohma, she encounters a new challenge: having a sleepover with her two best friends Hana and Uo. It all began when Tohru Honda asked Shigure Sohma if she could tell her friends where she was staying and he accepted; but when she told her friends, they decided they had to go to the house to see if it was a suitable environment. While in the sleepover is going on, Tohru finds out that Shigure is a novelist and later they decide to play cards. Just when the girls are getting ready to go to bed, Kyo Sohma is outside listening to them chat. When one of the girls sees that Tohru Honda has a hat in her hand she asks in a particular way why she still has that hat and Tohru tells them the story of when one day she was about six/seven years old and the boys used to chase her, she got so scared that she kept running and became lost. She cried all night until in the morning a boy appeared in front of her wearing the hat she has now. He stared at her and started to run; he stopped once in a while and she followed him until he came to a stop and she realized he had lead her home. He gave her his hat and disappeared, she never even had the chance to give her thanks. Her friends told her it would be a better story if she met him again and felt in love… (I already have my thoughts in who the boy is). Later on, Yuki Sohma has to dress up as a girl because he’s so cute that everyone wanted to see him crossed-dressed and also help the sales of the onigiris in the Festival! But besides the chance of seeing Yuki cross-dressing, at the Festival two more members of the Sohma family arrive: Hatori and adorable Momiji. Hatori tells her he wants to talk to her and says she shouldn’t get more involved with the Sohma family. Cute Momiji explains to Tohru part of the sad love story of Hatori and why he is acting that way. But we get to see the whole story at the end. Later on, Yuki and Kyo are fighting with Shigure because they don’t want to go to the Estate (where the majority of the Sohma family resides); Yuki has to attend because he’s part of the Chinese zodiac and they are supposed to attend to the banquet of New Year. Will they attend? What will happen with poor, lonely and hard-worker Tohru Honda in New Year’s celebration?

Thoughts: I really liked Hatori’s story.


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