Monday, May 12, 2014

Anime Review: Amnesia Part 2

First boyfriend: Shin

 He dresses in black and red representing the card of hearts and he’s strong, sharp-eyed, and quiet. His childhood friends are Heroine and Toma. We also know that he's a high-school student that studied a lot to be accepted at college. Memory problem: Did he really kill a man?

  Second boyfriend: Ikki 

His real name is Ikkyu and his best friend is Kent, both are college students. He dresses in black and blue representing the card of spades. He's sweet, beautiful, enchanting, and skilled in treating a woman… But there's a secret besides his "natural" enchantment. When he was a child he wished upon a shooting star that he wanted to be popular with girls and because of that, in the present, a fan-club exists that is making his personal life a nightmare. Memory problem: What is the fan club? What does she need to report about? Why do they follow her?

Third boyfriend: Kent

 He’s a math graduate and dresses in black and green representing the card of clubs. Kent over thinks too much and tries to do everything according to research and readings. You never know what he's thinking or feeling; completely unreadable. He's the first one to realize she had memory loss and tries to help her by doing an experiment. Memory problem: Where is the place in which they went together and why? What was the promise?

  Fourth boyfriend: Toma

Toma is in college as well; perhaps in programming.  He’s very overprotective, to the level of being a little aggressive in his manner of taking care of her, but he's really kind, sweet, and cooks. Also, it seems he had a passion for books and video games and he liked to use the computer as well. He dresses in black and orange, representing the card of diamonds. Memory problem: Is Toma really her boyfriend? Whom is she in love with? What are his secrets?

Fifth and last boyfriend: Ukyo

Ukyo is dresses in black and green representing the joker card. He will always appear and will warn her of what could happen to her. Sometimes he will appear good and sometimes scary, because he has split personalities due to experiencing different kinds of deaths. Besides the split personalities he really is good, kind, loves Heroine, and is a guy willing to give up everything for her. He's a photographer and Heroine's true lover, but this is not revealed until the last three episodes. We know then, that all this is happening because he made a 
wish to Neil (the father/creator of the spirits
 and master of Orion) the chance to save 
Heroine as she died in a fire in their university 
on August 25.


She's a very quiet girl (when she has amnesia) but her friends/boyfriends explain to her in different occasions that she normally would be arguing or talking a lot. We also know that she was a vocalist in her club band of the university she went, was a member of Ikki's fan club, and tends to daydream a lot. Also, it seems that everyone worked in the maid/butler cafe: 'Meido no Hitsuji'.

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