Monday, June 23, 2014


Review by: Samurai Millo's

Publisher: IDW
Title: "Chicacabra!"
Language: English
Writer: Tom Beland
Penciller: Tom Beland
Inker: Tom Beland
Coloring: Black & White
Letterer: Tom Beland
Editor: Chris Ryall
Cover Price: $17.99
Page Count:  200 pages
Sale Date: June 11, 2014

Plot Synopsis

  The following excerpt was taken from a post at the Comic Book Resources web page. Click here for the original article.

“In Puerto Rico, there is a girl, Isabel Sanchez, who could be like any other girl you see in high school… except for the creature who lives inside of her that's a ruthless killing machine.”


   I bought this book with the pre- conceived idea that I was going to read a very fun, very light adventure story about a girl turns into a Chupacabra, I was dead wrong. This is not your run of the mill fantasy tale, no way. This is so much more.

   This is the story of Isabel Sanchez, a girl who has lost a lot and also gains a lot; of Uncle Tony, a man who, no matter how hard it may be, must be the rock from which Isabel must hold on; of Angel Muñoz, a young man whose own personal journey crosses paths with Isabel’s. This is a story about the human condition set in today’s frantic society. This is a story about the loss of things that are most precious to us and the pain that comes with that, about how easy it is to destroy someone else’s dreams and how hard it is to achieve forgiveness and redemption on account of such transgression. The Chicacabra is the gravy of that big juicy steak of a story.

   After putting together this tale, Tom Beland has evolved and moved to the next level in that continuous journey that is the process of artistic growth. He has grown and evolved both as a cartoonist and as a storyteller by getting out of his comfort zone and giving us a story that is written and drawn in a very clear, very direct style in order to bring us not only the dynamic and heart wrenching journey of Isabel Sanchez and her Chicacabra but also giving us a most lucid portrayal of today’s Puertorrican youth with all their hopes and dreams together with all their fears and frustrations.

   When you read Chicacabra you will find action and adventure, laugh and tears, triumph and tragedy, you will get it all and you will be left wanting more. Buy this book, you won’t regret it.

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