Monday, March 31, 2014

Manga Review: Dark Moon Diary

By: Aliraluna

Story by: Che Gilson
Art by: Brett Uher
Priscilla is a fifteen-year-old girl, whose parents passed away and having nowhere to go except her European relatives’ home; she will have to endure shocking news. Nachtwald, a European town, is her new home full of ghosts, werewolves, witches, fairies, vampires, and other monsters… Not only that, but her aunt and horrible cousin are vampires and her uncle a werewolf!

 Priscilla recently moved in to her new home and her cousin, Kitten, a gothic-Lolita vampire, calls her an entrée and doesn’t treat her well. To Pricilla’s surprise Kitten can fly! That’s when she learns from her aunt Lilith that her mother was a vampire as well. Dinner arrives, which is always made by Wolfgar her uncle, but only to see it was a monster with an open eye. The next day, her cousin Kitten gives her a small tour and for the first time she sees the town’s people (or should we say creatures?). When Priscilla goes back home she meets her Boogey Monster for the first time, called Broonie. This one hides under things and she likes socks. 

Later on, Priscilla finally makes two friends: Isabel (a witch) and Radu (a baseball athlete werewolf). Yet, Kitten is jealous because Prince Balthazar Sabinov, which I assume is a vampire, said in front of everyone that he was interested in courting her, and that made Kitten  really mad, which is why Priscilla is in a living-hell high-school.
At the end, Priscilla and her aunt Lilith have a dispute and Priscilla decides to leave. When she’s on her way to the airport her uncle Wolfgar gives her a picture of her late mother (which looks like her, but with black hair) and persuades her to come back and she does.

     My thoughts: First of all, I really wanted to talk about this awesome manga despite Tokyopop cancelling it because of its low selling rates. I know there are people out there that had the chance, like me, to read this amazing manga. It’s a fast read, with really cute drawings. You will see Lolita, gothic clothes, funny scenes like Priscilla arriving at a “Were-Mart” (and you know which store she is referring to), when she suddenly eats blackberries from her school bushes, and influential scenes from real life such as bullying and everything the main character has to go through after losing her parents: moving with relatives, new town and country, new people and high-school. My favorite character is Wolfgar because he’s really sweet, loving, and understanding. Finally, I hope that you’ll fall in love with this amazing manga, but the bad news is that there’s no volume two!

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