Monday, March 17, 2014

PS Gold Wireless Stereo Headset Review

by. UnderBreex

  I was looking for a PlayStation 4 at the Sony Store. Since I need a new power brick for my Xbox 360, I dont currently have a console for gaming. I was hanging around the shop and talking with two good friends of mine, hoping that thered be a store employee available. After a few minutes, a young man asks if he could help me, so of course I ask for a PS4. The store rep returns from the storage room about five minutes later, and told me that the store had sold the last one the previous day, and no one knew when the store would be getting new units. And that was Japans fault, since the next day was the console release in that country. Gee, thanks Japan.

  We were somewhat disappointed because the three of us wanted to spend that weekend enjoying the new console and to top it off Ive been sick. After hanging around the store for a while, chatting and looking at basically all their merchandise, the employee asked me if I wanted to buy some accessories for the PS4 until they restock the console. I didnt see the harm in that, so the employee told me that the new PS Gold Wireless Stereo Headsets had arrived that day. I gladly took it, and after using it for a bit, I can give my personal verdict on how they fare.

  This new headset is priced at $99 at Sony stores and most other retailers. The box includes the headset, a mini-USB cable charger, a wireless adaptor, a 3.5mm headphone jack cable, and a carrying pouch. The first thing I noticed with these headphones was the quality of the plastics and the fabric around the body of the ear cups. Considering the fact that I wear glasses and use pretty big earplugs, I thought they were very comfortable, and the headband doesnt mess up my hair too much.

  Then I tried putting the headphones in the accompanying carrying pouch. Most modern headsets can bend to fit carrying cases. In this case, these headphones give cause for concern that they might break when bent. You do get used to it after several attempts, though. They also have faceplates that you can use replace the default ones, or to customize your headphones. The left ear cup has every button that you'd need to fit your needs, such as to toggle sound and chat, the microphone, the power and audio switches, a toggle for virtual surround sound (VSS), volume adjusting buttons, a mute button, the mini-USB connector, the audio input jack, and a status indicator light.

  I tested the sound quality on a few platforms (PS3, PS Vita, smartphones, PC, and Mac). The sound was tested with inFamous, Grand Theft Auto, Tearaway, and a dubstep song (for the heavy bass). The quality with each scenario is excellent compared to other, sometimes more expensive, headsets on the market. Its easy to hear every detail clearly, and the headset gives you a real perception of what's around you. Unfortunately, the sound bleeds at higher volumes, so others around you can also hear your music. The quality of the microphone could be better, but its definitely average.

In the end, I give this headset a 9/10.

- Good quality for the price
- Excellent materials that dont get in the way
- High quality sound
- Can be used with multiple devices
- Customizable

- Microphone could be better
- Feels like it can break when collapsing to put in case

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