Thursday, March 6, 2014

Netflix Addiction: Breaking Bad


My beloved Whale Nation, Breaking Bad has finally been freed from its long captivity after its series finale. Those final episodes can now be appreciated in all their satisfying antihero glory. Breaking Bad is a show so addicting, so captivating, so BADASS, it will make you forget about any other type of entertainment you care about once the show seduces you.

For the 0.2% of the Earth’s population who has yet to see the show, Breaking Bad tells the story of Walter White, a high school teacher with the world’s worst case of midlife crisis (and after you witness his life before he became the godly smacketh down giver Heisenberg, you’ll understand), as well as his unusual interest in making crystal meth. He drags along one of his old students, Jesse Pinkman, who sells meth for a living in order to afford his large clothes and bad low-rider car (and, later on, a Toyota Tercel). Heisenberg begins making the “divine” blue meth to pay for his cancer treatment and to provide for his family, but eventually he does it for PRIDE.

It’s the type of show that can even be life changing in less than five seasons while staying solidly intense. My brothers and sisters, you’ll quote this show so often, you’ll end up shaving your head and growing a beard by the end of the fourth season (including you Whalettes). It does have a few slow moments, but that shouldn’t stop you from missing Danny Trejo’s exploding decapitated head on a turtle.

The show will leave you wondering if it’s okay to root for both the bad guys and the good guys…oh who am I kidding? You root for HEISENBERG! And with that, I take my leave whales. What is your favorite quote from this awesome show? This is Dr. Sparta, carrying all the Blue Glory you’ll need to chase that boredom away.

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