Monday, March 31, 2014

Sony Action Cam HDR-AS30V

by. UnderBreex

Did you ever want a camera to take with into your courageous adventures? Then the Sony HDR-AS30V Action Cam can fulfill your expectations with a cheap price tag (comparisons are now loading).
This compact POV (Point of View) camera includes:
-Sony HDR-AS30V camera
-Waterproof case
-USB to micro USB cable
-Rechargeable battery pack
-Adhesive mounts (3)
            -Flat mount
                -Curved mount (helmets)
                -Top mount (to attach the camera onto other accessories)
-Guide and warranty

It features a waterproof housing that can be taken to 5.0m/16ft underwater compared to the older housing that could go 60m/197ft. Why downgrade it? People wouldn't normally go as far down under, as the housing provided. However, by downgrading to a more limited depth, they improved to a stereo sound quality instead. This means the pleasant sound of the water, noise, or conversations can be recorded more clearly inside the housing. This new case is thinner, lighter, and features external buttons to ease the controlling of the camera without taking the case apart. You can also see its display clearly, which is more user-friendly and easier to read.

This Action Cam is also capable of taking 11.9 megapixel and interval images, steady shots and high quality videos at two different angles: 120 &170. The steady shot videos, unfortunately, cut the size of the actual sight of the frame. The video quality settings are:
-480 x 30 VGA
-720 x 120 Super Slow Motion
-720 x 60 Slow Motion
-720 x 30 Standard
-1080 x 30 High Quality
-1080 x 60 PS

You need a Micro SD Card or M2 Card (Sony's memory card) as an extra purchase, to fully operate your device and record all of your favorite memories. A 32 GB Micro SD Card is highly recommended, so you don't run out of space quickly. I haven't been able to fill-up mine yet.

Moving onto some new features like the upgraded Wi-Fi capability. The Wi-Fi is now accompanied by NFC for fast pairing with NFC-enabled smart phones. This allows your phone to function as a remote and LCD screen for the camera with the PlayMemories Mobile/Home app (available only on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC). It also serves to play your previous recorded footage or pictures, edit, and upload them. A totally new feature is the built-in GPS. While using this feature, it captures GPS data displaying location, speed, distance, time, and date onto your videos.

This camera is highly compared to the Go-Pro Hero3/Hero3+ Black Edition or Hero3+ because it shares similar specs. However, the Sony Action Cam is actually a $100 cheaper placing Sony’s AC at $299, compared to Go-Pro’s at $399. Even when I bought it, adding a couple of accessories like: the suction cup, a floatie, and the tax, it didn't add up to the lonely Go-Pro’s high price. They both share almost the same video and image quality. Nevertheless, when exposed into different lighting and situations it's where they both give a different result. In addition, the Go-Pro is a little harder to operate with its small buttons and almost unreadable display.

Having in mind that I originally wanted a Go-Pro, I’ve fulfilled my expectations by finally owning this camera, which I now utilize to film and photograph my adventures and take the pleasure of saving money.
Lastly, in my very honest opinion, I give a 4.5/5 to the Sony Action Cam.

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