Thursday, March 6, 2014

DLaw plays: Brave Frontier (iOS and Android)

By. DLaw

I’m not sure if I’ve found a new addiction, or just another reason to drain my phone’s battery in next to nothing. This little gem is called Brave Frontier, a pretty simple RPG that’s available both on the Apple’s App Store and on Google’s Play Store.

  The game’s story revolves around groups of summoners gathering power to defeat an evil and more powerful one! That sounds so original, right? But don’t worry too much about that. The story isn’t what gets you hooked, it’s the combat and the way the game works that keeps you coming back for more.
You get a team of five heroes, which can be unlocked by using Honor, which are friend points gained by using other players on your team, or by Gems, which are purchased to unlock strong and rare units. Before fighting, you’re presented with the option of selecting either a friend or a random summoner to help you out in battle. 

  The most addicting aspect about the game is the battle system. You tap on a hero’s portrait to attack, and each hero varies how quickly they strike. The point of the game is to quickly eliminate the opposition. If you manage to synch all your attacks at the same time, you create Spark, which is a super strong critical attack that can defeat many bosses with ease. But actually getting Spark is not as simple as it sounds! You either have to practice attacking in synch, or just keep tapping each hero at different rhythms, figuring out how to do the most damage to be the most powerful summoner in the land.

  The game is free and offers a lot of tutorials to help you level up, as well as getting your heroes stronger by making them fuse with weaker units. It also has daily dungeons that help you out in the long run. Overall, the game is just really fun to play, even though there’s no actual player versus player mode.

  I definitely recommend the game. Just don’t blame me if your phone’s battery runs out constantly because you start playing too much. I just can’t get enough!

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