Sunday, March 16, 2014

Netflix Addiction: Burn Notice

By. Dr.Sparta 

  I used to hate spies until I saw Burn Notice. Whenever it was on, I would leave everything pending. There would be no games, comics, nor Spartan glory. My eyes would be glued to the TV searching for the airtime it would show on USA. I relied on others to bring snacks to watch the show with. I avoided my girlfriend. I would make up any excuse when any of my friends would ask how I’ve been. I wanted to watch the episodes undisturbed. The same tactics were applied to my family (barring real emergencies). Until the show was over, I wasn’t going anywhere.

  Dearest whales and whalettes, Burn Notice was one of the greatest shows on television. Its intensity, comedy, and action drew my eyes into the adventures of a burned spy looking to solve a mystery, and ultimately survive his findings. It gave television something glorious to do for an hour during its run from 2007 until 2013. It was smart, with a great formula, and an assortment of likable characters making it downright difficult not to enjoy.  Of course, my favorite actor was Bruce Campbell!

  If you don’t already know, I’m borderline obsessed with anything that has to do with Bruce Campbell. This man transforms into a suave and smooth persona in most of the characters he plays.  Sam Axe (Campbell) is an ex-Navy SEAL with the world’s best hobby: romancing rich, older women, and living the finest life he possibly can. He loves drinking, though he avoids becoming an alcoholic.  This man might hold a record for having an insane amount of friends, given he has one for every type of situation. Sam himself is an amazing friend, and the closest friend of Burn Notice’s main hero, Michael Westen.

  The series also reveals cool spy-know-hows, even though you shouldn’t try any of them at home. I now take my leave my dearest brethren. Dr. Sparta also recommends a diet of yogurt, c4, and beer for seven seasons of pure, delightful fun.

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