Monday, March 24, 2014

Tintero: A Festival of Arts and Comics - PART TWO

by Little Leia

LL: Hi! How did you start making comic books?

FM: I started out relatively late, when I finished college actually! People kept saying that I was a kid at heart, and I liked making comics with my friends.

LL: How many years have you been making comic books?

FM: I've been making comics since a looong time ago. I just turned 46 now, so I've been making them for about 20-25 years.

LL: What do you think about Tintero?

FM: I think it was an excellent idea to host all of these artists, both well recognized and independent, under the same roof. I've been looking forward to something like this for a long time.

LL: What do you think about the art that the indie artists are presenting here?

FM: I think their artwork was incredible! It was great to see some idea of what might be coming up for comics and art in Puerto Rico. I think the future of art in Puerto Rico is in good hands.

LL: What have been your influences as an artist?

FM: I have so many of them, a few of them include Frank Miller, John Byrne, and Jack Kirby. Those are some of the ones that influence me the most. I also was influenced by the comic strips in the newspaper, I read them so much as a kid.

LL: Thanks for the interview!

FM: No problem! Thanks to you!

LL: Hi! How did you start out with art in general?

AM: My mother is an artist, she had art supplies all over the house, so she'd let me borrow them almost all the time and I started drawing with them because I had basically nothing else to do.

LL: How many years have you been drawing?

AM: I just turned 17, and I've been drawing since I was 6 maybe? I can't do the math right now.

LL: What do you think about your fellow indie artists in Tintero?

AM: I think they're great! I love all the artwork here.

LL: What do you think about Tintero?

AM: I think it's awesome! I actually didn't know there were more indie artists like me in Puerto Rico.
LL: What are your influences?

AM: I'm influenced heavily by basically everything in Cartoon Network (The Regular Show, Adventure Time, etc.), and I'm also influenced by Jay Howard, the guy that created Sanjay and Craig on Nickelodeon.

LL: How do you feel being the youngest artist in Tintero?

AM: Well, I really don't know what to say, I don't know how to explain it!

LL: Thanks for the interview!

AM: You’re welcome! 

All in all, it was an awesome event! I loved it! There was something for everybody. There was stuff for kids (Jibarito Samurai, Cupcake Graffiti), tweens (El Isleño, Días), teens (Paracosm, Semblance), and adults. I think it was a great idea for unknown indie artists to showcase what they can do. Can't wait for next year's edition!

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  1. Loved the interviews, no matter how old or young you are, what matters its always be open to new and fresh ideas. Hoping to see you guys again.