Friday, March 14, 2014

Manga Review: Ark Angels

“That’s why…we believe every life is equal and precious.” 

By. Aliraluna 
  Sang-Sun Park was born in South Korea on August 9th, 1974, and is both the author and artist of Jewels/Les Bijoux, The Tarot Café and Ark Angels. Her usual work tends to fall under comedy, fantasy, romance, and drama, but she’s not one to shy away from other genres.

  Tokyopop published the Ark Angels series in December 2005. (Don’t you just miss Tokyopop? Because I certainly do!) The series consists of three volumes starring a trio of sisters. These three sisters, Hamu, Shem and Japheth, are from an alternate version of Earth, and their mission is to rescue the animals that are on the brink of extinction on our Earth. They need to do so in order to save both Earths because the Earths are connected in some way, and if one of them is destroyed, the other ones will be annihilated as well. This being the case, the sisters volunteered to save our Earth because they still believed that goodness exists in the humans. Their powers help them in their mission, because not only can they see the physical form of the animal, but they can also glimpse their souls.

  This leads to the manhwa’s the main messages of how important it is to save and take care of every animal, not just those on the brick of extinction, and to think twice before bringing more harm to Earth. To me, this makes Ark Angels a really unique manhwa, since finding a series with a tangible message is pretty rare. How do the sisters actually save the chosen animals? They place them in Noah’s Ark, which is in form of a whale. But their task isn’t easy, since they have to live as normal humans, going to school, and even deal with fall in love. (Although, for those who don’t like romance, there isn’t much in this particular series, so there’s no need to worry!) The sisters also have magical pets that can transform into transportation devices.

  Want a sneak-peek? Here’s some information about one of the endangered species in volume 1:

 Meet the: Guam Fruit Bat
-          Year: 1968
-          Place: Guam's Mariana Archipelago
-          Gender: Male
-          Story: A chef that specializes in “premium fruit bat” cuisine has hunted down all the fruit bats and is  trying to capture the last one to prepare a special meal for a president. The girls save the last bat, but they have to save his mother too, who is under the “protection” of the chef.
-          Facts:
o   The male bat and his mother are the last one of this species.
o   He's the fifty-fifth son; his family used to be big, with lots of males and females.
o   They can't contain the urge to sing.
o   They eat sweet-smelling fruits.
o   He has grapes in his hair, while his mom has a pineapple.

Rating: 4/5

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