Monday, February 3, 2014

Where are my first person shooter stories?

Remember the grand Resistance franchise? It was the tale of Nathan Hales struggle to keep his humanity as he turned into one of his enemies, the Chimera. Tell me, brothers and sisters, dont you just ache for another story like this!? A story played from the eyes of a game character? 
I often question developers true passion for the business in this matter. The peoples desire to kill online should not overthrow the desire to view or experience a true story behind mindless shooting! Online gaming is slowly stabbing storytellers right in the inspirational organ. These are dark times for first person stories; dark times indeed.

Do you remember the first Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? What a glorious and epic piece on gaming history! It gave us a brand new look at war from a modern perspective. It also brought a good story with serious intensity. What more could we ask for? Call of Duty has always been known for its fun online gaming, but it has never been a failed experience as single player campaign. The first one had the voice talent of Jason Statham. What a gift! 

Since the third, who am I kidding? Since second Modern Warfare and onward, EVERY Call of Duty game that has been released has had a sorry excuse for a story, as padding for the game's real purpose; the online multiplayer.

Nowadays, I am sometimes ashamed of gamers from this generation. Ashamed that the response to asking someone, Who is Soap or Captain Price?”, is that they do not know who they are. They don't know that there was a character in Modern Warfare 2 who wore a balaclava with a skull on it and was called Ghost. They dont know the story because they're too desperate trying (attempting), to create their own online storyline. Who does the quickest scopes? Who drop shots better? Or who has the best K/D ratio? It makes me sick!

I leave you with a plea. A story should always come before online multiplayer. Unless the online promotes the story or enhances it, it shouldnt be the only reason you play it in your home. Stories for the win, for the epicness, FOR THE GLORY! This is Dr. Sparta recommending laying off online, just for a while, and playing an old game or two.

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