Thursday, February 27, 2014

A game that should be rebooted or remade to come back

By Dr. Sparta

          As you all know brothers and sisters, its high time we saw some remakes and reboots. for adventures that were too farfetched or just too ridiculous for their time. Now, more than ever, would be the perfect moment to take a golden story from the past and return it with new spin to give it a modern edge. After Tomb Raiders success and new re-releases on the new generation consoles, I ask myself: What other game should make this leap once more?

            As a fan of stealth and silent warfare, I can't help but miss one game in particular that actually should be rebooted. In this case, I mean Syphon Filter. Initially, the game started out as a very far away and very violent clone of Metal Gear Solid. Syphon Filter followed the extreme battles between Gabe Logan, who I liken to Jack Bauer with less  of a conscience mixed with some bio-terrorism. Sure it gave us covert missions, but it also gave us probably the bests shootouts in PlayStation One history. All in the name of justice and anti-terrorism, Logan and his handler (or Coms expert) Lian Xing went into scenarios severely outnumbered and outgunned and would single handedly beat terrorism one game at a time.

            From PlayStation One, it made a jump to one game on the PlayStation 2 and then to the PSP, but it ended there.  Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow ends with a cliffhanger. That last game was almost a decade ago, though. There is no way explain the frustration I have from how Logan's Shadow ended. I dont know if Gabe Logan lived or died by those multiple gunshot wound with Lian worried over him, and that kinda hurts. I dont usually beg but I'll make an exception this time. With Sony Bend being secretive about an upcoming action adventure game and to panic about it, them being the fathers of this series, I can't help but wonder if this magnificent series will come back or if it's all burned out.

            I smile as I remember how the taser would set a bad guy on fire, if kept on for too long. Or even how a shotgun could hold 25 shells, and if it it wouldn't reload you'd just find a new shotgun. And how glorious it felt to give those cowards with flak jackets a very bloody and rewarding headshot (which game so politely let players know when this was possible). And especially blowing up multiple enemies with a M79 grenade launcher and watch their bodies rain from the skies like Persian arrows! It's true they don't need to put it back in a new game, but it'd be great as an Easter egg somewhere, for a few laughs. 

            With that I take my leave fellow whales. I ask you, should Syphon Filter be brought back from its long leave? This is Dr. Sparta, recommending a strict third person EPIC play-through.

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