Thursday, January 30, 2014

Netflix Addiction: VHS and VHS 2

by Dr. Sparta

I am not sure what I just went through my fellow whales. My rock hard and manly insides are uncertain if they should shiver in terror or just stay put with uncertainty. This is truly something to experience. 

I decided to tackle and investigate Netflix's B-Movie horror section, battling the worst of the worst. Amongst the chaos, I stumbled across the following two films. A truly strange (and my guess is, original?) pair of films that present a new concept to the horror genre, if you ask me. Yes, my brothers and sisters, you read right. This concept is going to be called “found footage of evil tape that contains found footage”. There is nothing sane about these films, other than the fact that they kept me there staring at my monitor as I sat there, baffled by whatever the heck was happening. I constantly kept asking myself questions like “Did that 8-foot tall, demonic, bull-faced monster really come out of there? Why did that gargoyle vampire she-beast even exist in the first place? Why can artificial bionic body parts see and hear the undead? And why are they so mad?”. They’re not necessarily scary, but under the right atmosphere (I was completely alone for my review), they can find a certain spot in you that will get quivery. 

VHS and VHS 2 are…worth your time? In my opinion, I'm not too sure about their gloriousness. These films, however, are something to watch if you desire something extreme and new. 

Bonus GLORY! 
Let me know if you can connect all the videos and stories or if I summoned a conspiracy theory beast as I watched this. I am going to sit down, stare at the sky and contemplate my life. This is Dr. Sparta, preparing a vaccine against the effects of this movie. 

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