Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Walking Dead: Mid Season Comeback.

Carl strikes again. Yup, I have to start with that. 

Damn, that kid thinks he is such a bad ass. Picking up where we left off, the Mid Season Finale, we saw how Carl dragged Rick to safety. The prison has officially fallen. Everyone is now separated. 

We got an interesting look at Michonne's past with a scene that looks as if she had a baby (no such baby was seen in the comic) therefore it’s a new move from Kirkman. 

It's not a bad start, they are doing this new format (since the Governor episodes) where we look at different stories simultaneously. 

The second episode is probably one of the best episodes in this season, since it focuses more on story, rather than action. We get to see Glenn escape the now graveyard Prison with an awesome Riot suit and almost being eaten by a horde of walkers. Then we see Daryl and Beth survive in the woods. Beth is very much in denial, while Daryl is without hope; we’ve never seen that aspect of him before. 

Tyreese is with the girls and baby Judith, when suddenly Carol steps in by surprise. Maybe it'll be a happy reunion, who knows? Maggie, Sasha and Stookey look for the escape bus to see if Glenn is alive, only to find walkers and have to kill them one by one. 

It's still a lot of drama with a hint of bash and slash. I think that they have delivered a good start for the mid season. They keep doing this new format, the simultaneous story lines as the new narrative, which is very reminiscent of the comic book style. Let's see how long this lasts. 

Oh, and watch out for Abraham! (Suspense Music!)

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