Thursday, February 27, 2014

Netflix Addiction: 24

By. Doctor Sparta
  In a world, where heroes do things bad guys wouldn’t even cringe about in their nightmares, comes a true legend my brothers. The man, whose interrogation methods alone struck fear into the heart of terrorism for eight seasons, is coming back. Before you behold this man’s return to deliver justice the American way, sit back and watch his accomplishments. This man, of course, is Jack Bauer. Whose tale is told through the wonders of Netflix in eight seasons of 24.

  Jack isn’t your average hero my fellow whales. The man single-handedly handed slaps with the terrorists’ own hands for 192 episodes. He survived explosions, nerve gas, bullets, electricity, fists, kicks, stabs, car crashes, e.m.p. , and his family. He never did anything outside of what was necessary for his country. It shattered your softened hearts–every time– whenever he made the ultimately-hard decisions to get the job done. Jack Bauer, who after interrogating a man cut his head off in order to infiltrate an organization by showing how “evil” he was. I know what you are thinking brothers and sisters…. inspiring.

  By the end of this show you will learn how and when to say “DAMN IT” when things don’t go as planned. How to perfectly execute the ultimate “WHERE IS IT?” question.  To the point you will ask some stranger on the street “WHERE IS IT?”, and they will have no other choice but to tell you. You will find it. It doesn’t matter what you are asking for, as long as you do it the JACK BAUER way.

  If you haven’t seen 24 yet,do. If you have, do it again. It’s that good. With that, I take my leave whales. How excited are you for 24’s return? This is Dr. Sparta, recommending terrorists to just surrender before Jack unleashes his Bauer.  

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