Thursday, February 20, 2014

Robocop: Reviewed

by: Silent Jay

We've been getting a lot of movie remakes lately and none of them have been any good. I'm a fan of the original Robocop, so when I learned that they where making a PG-13 remake I thought "they're going to f@#$ it up". So I went to watch it ready to scream at the screen, but to my surprise I didn't.

This new version of Robocop does something different from the original. The original was a social satire, full of gore and violence (which was awesome). This one's main theme is human nature. Most of the movie's focus is on Murphy's transformation, his acceptance of what he has become and not losing what is left of his humanity, which surprisingly makes for some decent dramatic scenes.

The new Robocop suit design was another surprise, when I saw the first pictures, I didn't like it. It looked too small, almost like a power ranger. But in the movie, it actually looks big and bulky like it should be. My only complaint is that they kept one human hand for no reason. There is a scene where they show you what's left of Murphy's real body that will make you ask: "What was the point of keeping that hand?".

There is a big cast in this movie, so I'll talk only about the strongest actors. Joel Kinnaman acting as Alex Murphy / Robocop was ok. Gary Oldman as Dr. Dennett Norton is one of the main reasons as to what makes this movie good. His acting is what makes the dramatic scenes so good. Michael Keaton as Raymond Sellars is great, acting like a greedy manipulating C.E.O. but still being subtle about it. Samuel L. Jackson as Pat Novak was good, his scenes are where you get social critique and some funny bits. Having Samuel  L. Jackson doing a Bill O'reilly kind of character, just makes it better. I just wish they had had more of those scenes in the movie.

So in conclusion, it's a good movie. It's not better that the original nor worst; it is different.

If you've got the time, go watch it. If you need a score, I give it a 7/10.

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