Thursday, July 3, 2014

Theory Linking the Fault in Our Stars, Divergent, and the Hunger Games

                     By Lil’ Leia

Hi guys! This is a theory that came to me the other day— that potentially links The Fault in Our Stars, the Divergent  and The Hunger Games trilogy together, even though they each have different authors. It may not seem that geeky to you, but it is to me— because I am a huge bookworm!  There is going to be a huge amount of parentheses and stuff, so bear with me. Anyway, there are MAJOR SPOILERS for each of these books, so if you haven’t read these books yet, you can either proceed at your own risk or stop reading altogether.  If you did read them, good for you! I present my theory now:

So in TFIOS, as most of you may know already, Hazel and Gus did the thing when they were staying in Amsterdam (as seen partially in the trailer). When Gus died later on, (this would take place directly after the novel) Hazel realized she was pregnant. Nine months later, she gave birth to a girl and nearly died in labor (due to the tumors in her lungs), but in life-saving surgery after the baby’s birth, the doctors decided to take all of her tumors out and make an emergency lung transplant (yes, her cancer was THAT severe).  After the surgery she was cancer-free. Later on she marries Isaac and raises her daughter healthily and happily. Her daughter grows up, gives birth, and the cycle goes on and on until (here we enter the Divergent part of the theory) Amanda Ritter (Edith Prior, Tris’s paternal ancestor) is born. 

The Purity War occurs, the Bureau of Genetic Welfare is established, and an older Amanda Ritter volunteers to participate in the experimental implementing of factions in Chicago.  She makes the video that is shown in Erudite headquarters at the end of Insurgent (book 2 of the Divergent trilogy), erases her memory with a serum, joins Abnegation, and reinvents herself as Edith Prior. One of her offspring joins Erudite, and then about two generations later, Andrew Prior (Tris’s father) is born into Erudite. Soon after, he falls in love with Natalie Wright from Dauntless in school (Tris’s mother, who later uses Prior as her last name), and they transfer to Abnegation together. They marry and, about 10 years later, have Tris and Caleb (Tris’s brother).  

Then the events in Divergent and Insurgent occur.  When in Allegiant (book 3 of the Divergent trilogy) it’s revealed that Chicago was an experimental city for the Bureau, (entering the Hunger Games part of the theory) it is also possible to assume that Panem was also an experimental city that just went awry and declared independence from the US government. (Based on current world news it is implied that sea level rises and global warming continues at their current pace.) That would account for the description of life before Panem (war, global warming. etc.). The US government barely holds power 45-75 years later and collapses; Panem conquests what was left of US possessed land, expands the district systems and its culture, and the events of The Hunger Games trilogy take place.

So… What do you think? I think it’s possible, given that this is totally fictional. I’m going to sign off early, so you can think about the possibility of this. See ya next week!


  1. Even though i find this theory interesting, but still it's a little bit off-putting in my opinion. Hunger games to Divergent is okay but connected it with TFIOS? haha.. it's kinda weird. LOL

  2. This is a horrible theory. The connections don't add up. It makes sense and it doesn't because in the books they don't mention anything about the other books. No references no theory sorry but nice try though.

  3. I thought this theory was pretty good and if you really wanted to stretch it eventually it could connect to the maze runner