Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Series Review: Naked Gun

By. Dr.Sparta

It has been awhile, my fellow Whales and Whalettes. Let us rejoice in the likes of comedy, or its heart shattering downfall. Let us enjoy the days of real comedy, the type that made you laughed and not coughed in embarrassment...  as the modern era “comedy” delivers yet another bad pop culture reference. This is the Naked Gun series. 

Where to begin with this masterpiece? To compare it to the likes of current day comedies is quite puzzling, my brothers and sisters. Ahhh I got it! Naked Gun is actually funny. Yes it has its dated references here and there, but it hits the film noir type enough for it to be quite smart. 

Each reference made by Lieutenant Frank Drebbin, our resident quote machine of EPICNESS, can be written down and repeated at some point in your lives. This hilarious character, played by non-other than the late Leslie Nielsen, will curse any unsuspecting viewer with a quote spewing frenzy that will only be cured by watching the following sequel, which will then make you spew its quotes. Upon the third movie you will realize you are doomed to a life of quote giving madness that will most likely turn you into a cop, a soldier, or a character from Sin City. My fellow Whales and Whalettes, the curse is worth it, dig in. 

It is writing in its GLORY and it deserves respect. For this movie will easily slay all other “funny” movies from modern times with their horrible attempts at obvious jokes and racist stereotypical behavior, take their weak rotten carcasses and tear them limb from limb to spread the word that good comedy has a champion to defend humor once more. Brothers and sisters how much more can we stand yet another movie with a “movie” title name at the end. Or another joke about something really heavy falling on that year’s celebrity. Whenever you feel empty after watching such maddening putrid excuse of humor, remember Naked Gun exists. That’s it for today Whales and Whalettes. This is Dr. Sparta, trying to cure comedy from a seriously bad rash, FOR THEIR GLORY!

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