Monday, September 15, 2014

Netflix Addiction: House

 By. Dr.Sparta

  Behold the greatest doctor! He will heal and insult you at the same time! Brothers and sisters his EPIC story comes with a hilarious and smart combination of everything required to live as a free whale. Who would I be speaking of? Well today you will learn how humanity was saved from utter boredom from 2004 to 2012… This is House MD.

  My fellow whales, before you rush with swords and guns to destroy my living side of life for watching a medical drama, let me explain why I love this GLORIOUS show. Yes, it might include some medical terms. Let me be truthful my friends, I cannot understand most of the words they are saying or discussing while diagnosing patients. I would bet my life again for the fifth time to say, though most of it true, what happens in the show is medically impossible at times (just because a person cannot be this brutal and this joyfully miserable at the same time). House is great fun for those boring nights where your video games and your other favorite shows have ended. It gives entertaining dialogue (when understood) great characters (Australian, sexy and Wilson) and provide the most intriguing medical emergencies that captivate and hook on your vision spheres.

  House has many intense, sad, full of rage, life changing, and frankly hilarious moments that kept this guy going from beginning to end, making a very extraordinary change against hating medical dramas to completely loving one of them. That’s it for today whales, this is Dr. Sparta, NOT prescribing Vicodin because I am not THAT type of doctor and it would not be FOR THE GLORY!

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