Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Looting September’s Crate

By Mick Neeky

Lootcrate is a monthly subscription service that provides geeky items to its customers. For about twenty dollars a month a black box is delivered to your doorstep with about 6 items. Inside the box there are items valued at around forty to sixty dollars, so in truth it’s quite a good deal. Among the handful of goodies you can get in the box of a thousand mysteries, you’ll be getting Lootcrate exclusives, which include anything from a T-shirt (you’ll be asked for a size when you subscribe) to Funko Pops. But the real thrill, if you ask me, is opening the box; the secret of it all is quite euphoric. 

September’s theme was galactic, which means that the arsenals of items range from the most obvious (Star Trek) to the more obscure (Firefly). Time for the goodies. The first thing that caught me off guard was the Star Trek Tribble. Being oblivious to what it was didn’t help my cause in admiring it, yet it’s still cute. Among the collectibles there was an Alien Action Figure, which I plan to keep in mint condition, a Star Wars Han Solo (frozen in carbonite) poster, a wad of Firefly cash, and an exclusive Firefly Funko mystery box. Apart from containing the items in question—exclusives or not—each crate also contains a pin, downloads (depending on the theme), and a handbook with descriptions on each item.

All in all, Lootcrate is worth your twenty bucks. Not only are the items worth more than what you’ll pay for them elsewhere, but the thrill of it all makes for a good surprise near the end of the month. I still hope I get a T-shirt on my next crate—this being my second. This brings me to the only downside: a lack of items I can use on a daily basis to show off my geekiness. Nevertheless, the price is totally worth the thrill and the exclusives. Here’s to you becoming a looter.

Keep it Neeky.

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