Thursday, September 11, 2014

EA to the rescue Part 2

By. UnderBreex's

  Welcome back, and thank you for loving Lord Whaley! I’m back to present you with the second and most important part of “EA to the Rescue.” Why should I continue? Easy—by the end of this article your wallet is going to be yearning for these games from EA.

  In all my years of experience in the gaming industry, I’ve never been as excited for a first-person adventure platform and a first-person shooter game as I am now. But enough stalling, I’m here to talk about the games not myself: Mirror's Edge 2 (the sequel to an already amazing and innovative title) and Battlefield: Hardline (a franchise that’s known for its camo-suits has taken a new direction with sleek cops-n-robbers gameplay).

  Originality is Mirror’s Edge’s canvas. Its brightly colored setting differs from most first-person shooters and its parkour fighting style allows a wide array of movements not seen in other video games. In previous trailers and gameplay demos of the sequel we’ve seen the focus shift to combat mechanics, unlike its predecessor. The developer promises more varied gameplay and a greater degree of experimentation. Mirror’s Edge 2 will create more routes and options for the player, while maintaining the same sense of agility. It has been hinted that the franchise is being treated as a trilogy, rumored to be in the works since mid-2009.

  However, Mirror’s Edge 2 has been confirmed as a prequel. Players will be able to dig into Faith’s origins in an open-world action adventure game. The original writer, Rhianna Pratchett, and most of the original staff will not be involved in this title. The game is scheduled to be release around April 2016.

  Visceral Games Battlefield: Hardline will feature new gameplay that breaks away from the traditional military setting to the “war on crime”. Players will play a police offer in the Special Response Unit or the criminals. Nevertheless, players are granted access to military-grade arsenals and vehicles, as well as being equipped with regular mandatory tools like handcuffs and tasers. Among these changes, new modes are added as well:

  -Heist: Criminals must steal packets of money from armored trucks

  -Blood Money: Both factions must retrieve money from an open crate in the center of the map, then  move it back to their respective armored truck

  -Hotwire Mode: High-speed chases across an expansive environment.

  -Rescue: Police officers or S.W.A.T. must try to save hostages from the criminals. 
 Battlefield: Hardline will feature a single player campaign that promises to be amazing while running on the Frostbite 3 engine. This game is scheduled to be released on March 2015, instead of October 2014, its prior date, due to beta testers’ requests. Both games will be available for previous and next generation consoles.
 That’s it for today! I hope you guys enjoyed this preview of EA’s line up. They finally made the right decisions and evolved into this video game cycle. Hail the Whale!

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