Monday, September 15, 2014

Manga Review: Heaven’s Will

 By: Aliraluna

Story and art by: Satoru Takamiya


 The Heaven to which you will someday return is the story of how Sudou Mikuzu, a girl with a phobia toward boys and scared of ghosts, met Seto Ashiya; a cross-dressing exorcist; and Kagari a beautiful vampire that can transform into a wolf. They all met at a famous haunted mansion that everyone knows about while trying to escape from a monster. A contract was made between Mizuku and Seto in which she will pay Seto with a cake every time he makes a ghost disappear. 

 Seto visits Mikuzu at school and she learns that she can see things that normal people can’t because she’s what’s called a Kenki and Oni is the term used referring to those creatures that nobody else could see. Days later, when Mikuzu is about to die at the hands of a monster, Seto and Kagari saved her. Much to Mikuzu’s surprise she finds out that the monster was the stalker that appeared everywhere she was- it was precisely because of this that he became a monster.  But when he was saved by Seto he explained that he wondered why he never confessed his love for Mikuzu. It was through this situation that Seto, Mukuzu and Kagari became friends and companions to exorcism the oni.

In Heaven’s Will, Mikuzu will learn why Seto Ashiya started to cross dress and how Kagari met Seto; while the three of them try to exorcise the piano of Souichirou Takayanagi, the student council president of Seiou High School.  All this adventures will happen within a week!.

Characters overview:

 Sudou Mikuzu: She has short black hair, very slim and has big, black eyes. She’s very easily scared and has the power to see ghosts and many creatures. Has a phobia toward boys. Mikuzu is able to play the piano and bake cakes. 

 Seto Ashiya: Has long beautiful blonde hair and big brownish eyes; he dresses in Lolita fashion. His weapon is a beautiful, shiny fan that holds a mystery. He’s very strong and is the master of Kagari. Loves to eat cakes and really likes maple and butter syrup.

 Kagari: Has black hair and blue icy eyes and is very tall. He’s a vampire that can transform into a wolf. Since Seto is his master he feeds from him. Kagari tends to be very quiet. His only wish can only be granted by Seto.


 It’s really sad that this story is a one-volume shot. There’s a letter inside the book in which the author explains that Mikuzu will never fall in love with Seto. We will never know if Seto changed his mind nor what will happen with Kagari, nor which was the real name of ‘Seto’. What we know is that Kagari seemed more at ease and that Mikuzu would be happy if the three of them stayed together. They all worked so hard to understand each other and become closer that it really touched my heart. Oh! And the “n” in the title has a little hat.

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