Thursday, April 3, 2014

Netflix Addiction: Invasion of the Campbell

By. Dr.Sparta 

My brothers and sisters I have been treated with low budget gold! It’s a wonder that caught me off guard. It’s a tale of delightfulness and cheesy, cheap fun! You see, normally I witness some of the weirdest, awkward, boring, and sometimes wrong films. Some bring excitement, others shame. Some bring EPIC GLORY, while others leave a disastrous aftertaste. This one would leave a horrible aftertaste, as it offers all the right ingredients for a horribly bad experience. Oh, was I too soon to judge this masterpiece? If tales of people that can carry a film singlehandedly are true, this one is it. The tale of how Terminal Invasion was saved by one man and one man alone…BRUCE CAMPBELL.

At first it was just a typical low budget mess. My eyes were practically begging to be closed shut, away from the mess of cheap effects and poor acting, but then, whales and whalettes, Bruce came out and owned every second on air. I’m unsure in regards to the plot of this film, but apparently it’s about some foolish aliens attempting to kill Bruce and not friends. Who are we kidding; Bruce Campbell can take them easily. One thing to be aware of in this film: beware of vending machines…

If you are a fan of Sci-Fi films and of Bruce Campbell, experience this with open arms. If you do not enjoy the presence of a real MAN, sit it out and go watch my little pony. With that I take my leave whales. I shall commence rating from now on to explain movies that attempt to confuse my GLORY. I give this movie 3 out of 5 Shields, most given the Bruce ability to enhance any scene with smooth hilarious commentary. This is Dr. Sparta’s 1 out of 1 recommending any Bruce Campbell related media for any boredom or witty smooth one liner related problems.  

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