Friday, April 18, 2014

Infamous Second Son Review

By. UnderBreex
  So a couple of weeks have passed since the “inFamous: Second Son” was released and this review is coming out now, simply because this game is so amazing and controversial. 

   Since the beginning, the inFamous series made a name for themselves for their solid game play and beautiful comic book style in storytelling. There's no denying that Cole's adventures where the best among huge PlayStation 3 exclusive titles ever known to gamers. So now, with the arrival of Second Son, everything changes. The story, graphics, and game play take us to a new perspective of what the next generation of games is preparing to deliver. I won't be spoiling any juicy details. I’m hoping that you’ll enjoy this and take a chance on the game.

   In this new story, seven years after the events of inFamous 2, we meet our new hero or villain, Delsin Rowe. It rounds up with Delsin discovering about his cool, new powers and his decision of what to make of them. He travels into the Seattle area, where the Department of Unified Protection are using excessive force toward society and using bigoted terms like "bio-terrorist" to infer to other conduits. Since Delsin is trying to make something out of his newly discovered powers, good or bad, he stands up to liberate the streets. Like Cole, Delsin is chained to his own power: Smoke. However, he also haves the ability to gain another conduit's power (like Rogue or conduit sponge). This ability makes you able to control up to three more elements. For example, you gain Fetch's Neon powers and literally fry a D.U.P. officer. Sadly, you can only use one element at a time. 

    The game still carries the Hero and inFamous path mechanism based on your in-game decisions. It is somewhat disappointing that you can pass the game in between 8 to 12 hours. Nevertheless, the Day One patch and Cole's Legacy DLC, adds up to 5 to 7 hours of game play. However, if you play as "the bad guy" it decreases the hours, as you play by not caring about harming the pedestrians or any consequences that may be presented. Delsin's smoke powers enable him to throw smoke bombs, shoot exhaust fumes, and swim through air vents. We cannot forget the classic park-our abilities, which in this case are more natural and enjoyable for your "urban spelunking" throughout Seattle. You can also unlock and upgrade different given abilities like in previous games. 

    Did I mention how beautiful the scenery takes full advantage of the high definition graphics? This exclusive game for the PlayStation 4 takes full advantage on the console's hardware and delivers amazing visuals that are far from its disappointing, repetitive game play. You can also spot many artistic (graffiti) Easter eggs to reference one: Sly Cooper.

     In the end, it’s for sure that you’ll fall in love as Sucker Punch manages to capture the atmosphere of the real city and connect it with a remarkable story.

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