Thursday, April 10, 2014

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy Review

by. UnderBreex
Platform: 3DS
Developer: Level-5
Publisher: Level-5, Nintendo
Genre: Puzzles, Adventure
Rating: 9.0

 In this latest installment of the second trilogy of Professor Layton, we can see what would be in chronology, the fourth chapter to the history of this iconic character. 

  In this game, Hershel Layton, in companion with his trusty apprentice Luke Triton and assistant Emmy Altava are intrigued by a letter, sent by Professor Desmond Sycamore. Who claims he had made the discovery of a "living mummy" and invites Professor Layton to investigate to reveal the secrets of what seems the trails of the lost Azran Civilization. They head on to the town of Froenborg to begin their adventure. They also encounter previous known and new characters as you go along with your investigation. This game follows after the conclusion of Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. Just so you know, I'm not giving away much details about the storyline. Since it's amazing, you should really experience it for yourself. Trust and thank me later.
  As the story follows, you get to get to familiarize with the new mechanism inside your briefcase and some extra features. It is an all improved in-game menu where you can find your progress and options:
3DS' Top Screen:
-Puzzles Solved
-Puzzled Found
-Total Scores of earned Picarats
-The amount of found Hint Coins
-Time Played 

3DS' Bottom Screen:
-Layton's Journal: where you can go through your notes, recap the story
-Mysteries: What goes around with the story
-Puzzle Index: the Puzzled you had solved or not
-Episodes: animated scenes
-World Times: a scrapbook that works like a newspaper to keep you up to date with incidents/happenings from all over the world
-Dress Up: Mini game
-Nutty Roller: mini game
-Bloom Burst: mini game
-"?": New StreetPass feature for you to create and obtain Treasure Hunt challenges
-Collection: this is where rare and interesting items obtained in your adventure are stored
-Memo: where you can write your own notes

  Similar to the previous games the story is split into various chapters. Within the gameplay, the new 3D graphics look amazing and is not all of that confusing  when you have to scavenge for those hint coins, collectible objects, puzzles and have to zoom in and out throughout the different scenarios with your stylus. The majority of the time I spent with this game was while using the 3D capability. It was that good and I have not experienced any headache. It also helps if you have a 3DS XL. The animated scenes are the most enjoyable I've seen yet on the 3DS. In my collection, this game's scenes only tops another Professor Layton game: Miracle Mask. They give you a formal visualization of what's going on and the color pallet is more vibrant and not pale like previous games. 

  This time the puzzles are more challenging and varied. In previous games, you could see that at least some puzzled were just solved by the same methods and gave away much of the excitement. The game features over 500 puzzles (more than its predecessor, 515).  Nevertheless,if you think that if the story is only worth it to go through with is one time, you can also enjoy the downloadable daily puzzles or find those sneaky hidden puzzles that serve as side missions.
The game is also involved in travelling around the world such as: Froenborg, Kodh, London, Jungle, Island, Desert, Hoogland  and Walled City. They are all equivalent to the USA, South Africa, Russia and more. This is where the World Times scrapbook comes in handy. The music also supports the game as a important asset. It also gives you hints of the mood and type of place you are exploring.

  Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy is by far the best adventure in the series. It gives you countless hours of gameplay, a story that would make your heart melt, mind-breaking puzzles and a full of action adventures that you cannot miss. This is one of those games that keep you on your toes, because if you miss at least one conversation you can get lost and not know some of those hints that may help you solve some major quests. On a side note, this is by far my #1 franchise and the only games that had made me cry. Including the movie.

  Thank you for reading!

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