Monday, April 28, 2014

A Plus Sized Cosplayer’s Story

By. Marjorie Morningstar of Cosplay +Sz

  This is the story of Kawaii Princess, a plus sized girl who loves manga, anime and video games.  She has been a loyal attendee to the local comic book and anime convention for a few years now, but this is the first time she will be attending in cosplay.  She has spent so many hours re-watching that anime, and re-playing that game, researching online for references to make the costume as close to the original as possible.  She selected that character because of the clumsy and shy traits they have in common.  She is so proud of her costume and she is satisfied with all the practice she has done to resemble that character.

  At last the day has come.  As soon as she enters the convention hall she feels like that character, without even noticing it she is walking and talking like that character.  She is so excited when people start noticing her.  As she walks around, people look at her and start to whisper and point. Suddenly one girl ask for a picture and after taking it says: “Your fat version of that character is real cute”.  Then she realizes that the people weren’t praising her; they were mocking her, saying mean things about her weight.  She realizes that the whispers and remarks were not positive. People were not smiling at her, but rather they were laughing and making fun of her.

  Feeling terrible Princess ended up crying in the bathroom.  Suddenly she heard a sweet voice asking if she was ok.  The sweet voice introduces herself as Night Kitty and she had witnessed the whole situation.  Night Kitty was a cosplayer with some experience and awards under her belt.  They talked for a while and Night Kitty gave her the best advice anyone can give: “Be yourself, respect yourself, and embrace yourself.  Once you have accepted you for who you are, you will be free from the chains of discrimination.”

  The cosplay world is precious, but at the same time it’s real tough.  Most of the people in our community have being victims of bullying and discrimination, just for our hobbies or interests.  I, as a full grown woman, have being criticized for this hobby at work many times, but I do it because I love it and they have learned to accept me as I am.  I believe in myself and only I can set my limits on what I can or cannot do.

  I know that all of us put so much effort and tears into every costume we make.  The cosplay world is filled with wonderful things and many unique, creative and talented people.  We cosplay because we love the process, the characters and we are honored to portray that character in real life.  Let’s work together to break free from unrealistic beauty standards and enjoy what truly matters: YOU!

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