Thursday, July 17, 2014

EA to the Rescue Part 1

By UnderBreex

Good day, Lord Whaley lovers! In this journey, we are going to tear into some notorious game developers and their respective companies. Why? Asides the fact that they showed only a few games intended to make a huge comeback,, these higher ups need our satisfaction in order for them to make a profit. Also, I'm a huge fan of these amazing companies and have sold my soul to them on countless occasions. Lately, though, they've had a lack of new content and titles, and I’m finally  hyped.

Let's begin with Electronic Arts. Yes, the devil that charges us for breathing, thanks to micro transactions, and yet still manages to give us amazing and addicting games. They have a solid list of games that are heavy contenders for the coming months and years. Their games are by far the most convincing and for sure best sellers.

First, they’ve teamed up with British studio Criterion to innovate racing games with Burnout. Not only can you drive cars but also ATVs, helicopters, planes, jet-skis and more. It also allows players to explore an open world, instead of just formal racing like we’re used to. They also claim to have been inspired by professional drivers who shared their experiences via YouTube to create a new head-cam view mode.

The much anticipated Star Wars: Battlefront has made an appearance, showing locations based on the first trilogy of films and speeder bikes, though no precious lightsabers or At-Ats. It seems crazy, but it’s still early and there’s always hope. Hopefully, its collaboration from DICE Stockholm and LucasFilm will spearhead the franchise and company back into the glorious empire they once had. 

Deep in the bowels of the EA and BioWare teams, there’s a bit of mystery surrounding Mass Effect 4 and a new sci-fi blockbuster title. It’s too soon to knowthe games’ progress, but it’s a necessary move to make up for bad decisions. For their new mystery title, they showed some vivid hills and fields, and as for Mass Effect 4, they teased something that will include new places and characters that will be to die for.

One of my favorite titles of all times is The Sims. I could give up gaming for life, but if you ever put a Sims title or expansion in front of me, I’d be a very happy hermit. The Sims 4 is better than ever, giving you emotions, traits and customizations to personalize your Sims into the ultimate YOU!The new house building mechanisms are easier, providing pre-created and furnished rooms. Sounds too good to be true, but for now, this new game sadly won't have pools or toddlers available at release.

Next time, I’ll give you the next two games that made a huge impact of gaming goodness and made our wallets cry from the ultimate contender: Ubisoft. Until then, Hail the Whale!

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