Monday, July 7, 2014

Manga Review: Fairy Cube vol. 1 Part 2 (Spoiler Alert)

Story and art by: Kaori Yuki
By: Aliraluna
   Tokage now possess Ian Hasumi’s body and he explains that now no one can hear nor see him. He also explains that the lizard in the cube was a fire fairy he made a deal with and thanks to that when he was killed and his soul left his body he was able to enter Ian’s body by using the lizard’s powers. Ian decides to go to the antique shop and when he was about to attack Kaito, from inside the doll came a fairy called Ainsel. In order to save the shop, Kaito removes his eye patch creating a portal, transporting them to Otherworld. Through a mirror Kaito explains that the only way to come back is to find a large tree; an Oak, an Ash or Hawthorn. In there, Ian encounters his first danger while trying to save Biki, an Urchin (a goblin that transforms into a hedgehog) from a Nuckelavee (a huge sea monster half horse, half human that eats all living creatures). Now that Biki, her family and Ian are all safe thanks to the power of Ainsel they are able to go back. When Ian arrives he makes a deal with Kaito, a Death Dealer, to use another body and Ainsel’s power to seek revenge. Ian comes back in the body of a little kid.

     While using the amulet that Kaito gave him, others won’t be able to tell he’s a winged person and so he starts to see Rin again. Rin tells him of how “Ian” has changed, he now fights and has followers. Later on, a transfer student from Hokusei middle school arrives, telling Tokage that the school needs a queen and crop circles which leads to him becoming his enemy. Another day Ian and Ainsel go look for Kaito, only to find that the antique shop is nowhere to be found and they see a strange man with one eye covered looking for him but he goes away when he doesn’t see him. Ian appears out of nowhere in a secret place where Rin is and they see when the transfer girl, who also a wing person, made a boy her servant and, to their misfortune, she sees them and she tells Rin that “Ian” lied to her and he’s going to fight there at eleven.

   Back at where Ian is staying (the house of the grandmother of the child’s body) they find that Kaito’s going to be their driver and so they go to see the fight. Both see when Tokage destroys the transfer girl and Ian shows her who he truly is. Believing in him Ian takes her away (flying and landing in Kaito’s car) to the house. The old lady accepts Rin but tells him he will listen to her story and even if she’s blind she knows about him and Ainsel. Wonder who she is? Find out in the next volume!

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