Thursday, July 3, 2014

Manga Review: Fairy Cube vol.1 Part 1

Story and art by Kaori Yuki
By Aliraluna
     It starts with a girl’s corpse lying on the street with blood all over her back in the shape of wings and a man with an eye-patch and a doll over his left arm. Then, the story goes back to Ian Hasumi who becomes the narrator telling us how he believed his mother was a fairy with green hair just like him. Rin Ishinagi is about to fight with the girls who are bullying her, but Ian intervenes and they exchange words, letting us know that they were old childhood friends, but they got separated and the last words Ian told her were “I really hate you”. Ian’s father, who is also his homeroom and Japanese teacher and a famous novelist takes him away. We see Ian’s “other” who looks just like him but with green hair and red eyes and he calls him Tokage; no one can see nor hear Tokage but him and that’s one of the reasons why everyone called him a liar. Rin was different though, by making a circle of small stones (also known as fairy rings) he could made it possible for her to see the fairies. While Ian is remembering part of the horrible story between him and Rin, he overhears some passersby talking about the “Fairy Murders” and in that instant Tokage shoves him and takes Ian’s bag leaving it on a street, the same one in which the body we first saw is in. He sees how that man with the eye-patch is standing in front of the body retrieving a cube with a butterfly in it and places it inside the talking doll. He decides to enter an antique shop and the man gives him a cube, telling him that if he throws it away he will be cursed; and while Ian is going away the doll is telling Kaito (the man with the eye-patch) that he will die young. Later on, we see the whole story when Ian sees Rin beaten again by her mother and how she remembers when they were separated the same day when they saw the fairies together. Although his father takes him back to their house and demands to see Ian’s back to reassure he doesn't have his wings (his birthmark). Of course, he doesn't have them anymore, they were burned by his own father. 

   The next day a girl is saying that Rin was the one who murdered her boyfriend and when Ian defends her she calls them liars, but he shows them, with Rin’s help, the fairies. Yet, when they escape his father kills Ian. Moreover he “wakes up” and sees Rin is fine and with a boy that looks just like him, who is none other but Tokage, and now he must fight to get his life and body back.

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