Thursday, July 10, 2014

Living in a Fictional Universe for a Second

By Seito

Have you ever sat down to think what cosplaying is? I mean, yes. Cosplaying is literally the combination of “costume play”, which is a community of people who dress up and use props or items with the intention of representing a character or idea. Cosplaying is usually complimented with “role-playing” or playing the role of the character, bringing it to life. But is cosplaying really that simple or is it a whole new culture? There’s something really special about dressing up and acting how you want, while spending your precious time with friends who share the same hobby. Sometimes it might seem odd, but cosplaying brings out your true self from the perspective of another character.

In order to get satisfying results and an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment, these projects require discipline, dedication, and passion. Some steps should be taken before actually working on a cosplay such as: noting down everything you need, buying many items, and organizing a friendly budget for your wallet. As a cosplayer, I advise keeping it simple for your first cosplays designs and broadening your techniques by searching tutorials online. You shouldn’t blame yourself if the results are not what you expected, there will be more opportunities. I’m sure you’ll develop better skills over time. Also, if your character has a prop or a simple outfit, it’s favorable to risk and create it yourself. In the end you’ll be rewarded with the achievement of a completely different experience.

Now, from an experienced cosplayer’s point of view, we can agree that staying up late night-after-night waiting for the paint to dry, enduring those back pains from sewing, and spending hours perfecting the wig’s style are situations that make your result priceless. The convention day finally arrives, you’re anxious to see your friends, and meet new people. Upon seeing the doors to the convention you’ve been insisting to attend, those butterflies in your stomach become a raging dragon. Your dreams shatter once you see that three-hour-long line, but don’t worry because most of us relate.

Overall, what makes cosplaying an amazing experience are the smiles in your fan’s faces, their compliments, and the gratifying sensation when they recognize your character. Also spending time with a bunch of proud geeks, just like us, and saving those memories in pictures— mostly in our hearts. I guess you could say cosplaying makes you feel like you’re living in a fictional universe for a second.

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