Thursday, June 19, 2014

Puerto Rico Comic Con 2014: My Experience


 By Lil Leia 

   Hi guys! Today I will be discussing my experience at the 2014 PRCC. I was only able to go on Sunday, because I had to go to my grad party on Saturday (it was awesome by the way). But, nonetheless, I was aware of what happened on Saturday with the events and panels, the time extension, the bomb threat, the protests, and the extremely long line outside. Back to the main subject, I went on Sunday as a casual Wonder Woman, and I arrived with my dad at about 9:30 A.M.-ish. I didn’t wait for more than 30 minutes in the line, and based on Saturday we were ready to expect a 2 hour+ line outside. Well, we were wrong. :P Anyway, we entered maybe about 15 minutes after the doors opened, and what was waiting for us was pure awesomeness. We started with the right side of the convention center, and then made our way through. We stopped at lots of booths to look at the stuff they had and if we liked something it was very likely that we would buy it either on the spot, or later on when we made the first run through the con. We stopped at the HUGE booth that Atlantic University played the games they had made to exhibit at the PRCC. Then we entered the Artist’s Alley, and we picked up a couple of things from some booths, had a chat with some of the artists we knew and were friends with beforehand. And then came the Autographs Area. We only made the line for Max Hernandez (Agent Jasper Sitwell from The Winter Soldier and Agents of SHIELD), who was a super cool person! We took a couple of pictures with him and he signed a Funko Pop Agent Coulson figure we had, he wrote “I touched Lola!” (if you don’t know already, Agent Sitwell is a Hydra double agent, and Lola is Coulson’s precious 1962 Red Chevrolet Corvette). Afterwards, I crossed paths with Dalai Dama, DLaw, and Temper, then with a couple of my Dad’s friends and coworkers, took a couple of more runs across the con to see anything we might have missed, bought some last-minute stuff, watched the last part of the cosplay contest, and sadly left. It was an awesomsauce experience, and I cannot wait for the 2015 edition! See ya! 

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