Thursday, June 5, 2014

Botanicula Review

By UnderBreex

If you know anything about this title, you may wonder why I’m reviewing a game from May 2012. Is the game that good? You guys, knowing me, it is mini-story time!

One of my very good college friends is always recommending me Indie games. Because of her, I'm in love with Indie games lately. The first game she introduced me to was Machinarium (Amanita Design). I also recommend this game. So, I went head over heels for it. The game is very challenging, has beautiful artwork, and a surreal story line. After a while, she introduced me to Botanicula (same developer). She just went and installed it into my computer (no permission asked) and I said that I would play it later that same day. I swear on everything that is holy in the gaming industry, the second I opened that game I couldn't/wouldn't put it down.

This game is about a five friends, tiny tree creatures, who set out for a journey to save the last seed from their home tree that is infested by evil spider-looking parasites. You'll have to use each one of them throughout the game-play according to each puzzle or interaction. Botanicula is a wonderful experience that will please us, combining nature and video games, creating a beautiful and captivating atmosphere that we want to see in more games.  

Puzzles range in challenge from: "Omg this is so cute" to "Where in the *bleep* is that chicken?" No spoilers.  However, this is a point-and-click, delightful, stunning, grabbing hold-of-the-imagination adventure that you will never regret playing. Many games strive to be fun, and Botanicula not only accomplishes this, but also manages to use sound and visuals to stir up emotions; especially in the ending. This is one of the most interactive titles that I've ever laid hands on, even though sometimes puzzles are so easy that they may not even count as a puzzle; just a random interaction. You can also collect some portrait cards that represent some of the surrounding characters that may help or challenge your game-play adventures. You can collect both allies and enemy characters and they are hidden in very random places. You can interact with them as a slideshow from the pause menu.

Just as if the game by itself wasn't enough, Amanita Design delivered an amazing, interactive soundtrack in the mix. The music is vivid, vibrant, and plainly fun, chartering the listener to all and the imaginative. This is one of the most amazing Indie developers and games out in the industry. One of the main reasons of this recommendation and review is because Amanita Design is re-releasing this PC Game on all iOS mobile platforms for $4.99 (out now). The price is a bit unusual for such a small game. However, it is worth every penny. 

            I give it an unusual 10/10.

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