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Manga Review: Life Span and God Shop vol.1 and 2

Manga Review: Life Span and God Shop vol.1 and 2

Story and art by Josue Acevedo
Writer Alan J. Porter
By Aliraluna

1. Life Span
Life Span is the story of Kazuhiro Takano, a man who has been given a second chance in life after his death. Yet, Kazu with the aid of a medallion, female protector Hozeki, and an anima, he must destroy a threat that has dark plans against human kind and the universe. In chapter 1: Genesis, Kazu defeats an enemy and an anima appears and he must decide either to absorb it or use subordination. Later on, just when he’s arriving to the enemy’s Atelier base he encounters with Hagaro whose master ordered him to test him… by fighting.

2. God Shop vol.1 and 2
Mr. Ronald Drake, a weather man, wishes to have respect in the town he lives as he predicts the weather every day in the wrong way. When suddenly a waiter appears with a free drink that has a paper under it that reads “Think about the answer”. Later on, Mr. Drake appears at a special store called The God Shop in which the waiter; called Joshua and “the caretaker” offer to loan him the powers of a god for one day… Which god’s power will be borrowed from? Is Mr. Ronald Drake the chosen one? And who is this mysterious guy that wants to take over Joshua? Find out….

My thoughts
Life Span is a really good story in which I’m crazy to know more about Kazu’s past. Like why and how he died and who gave him a second chance; also, about his enemy, the anima, the kingdom, and just about everything. I really can’t wait to see how this story will keep growing. With God Shop I hope there are more volumes about this story as I love Greek gods/goddesses and I’m hoping to see Mr. Drake again, and to finally know more about the mysterious guy and know why he wants the caretaker position. Really awesome stories I wish to keep reading!

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