Monday, June 16, 2014

Comic Review: Little Reaper in Love

By: Aliraluna

 Authors: JA Comics!

     Welcome to the Municipal Cemetery! The residents of which will be the characters of small, lovely stories. Meet Lil’ Reaper, whose girlfriend can become a girl on Halloween but afterward turns back into a ghost and the only way to revert that is by kissing her… but Lil’ Reaper is afraid of ghosts! The first issue starts when Lil’ Reaper takes his girlfriend on a date to the best restaurant and to a cavern that he carved but she didn’t uttered a single word! What could it be? But worse than that is when a new resident arrives and likes to hang out at his place: Vampyr. Vampyr is a Goth kid who is trying to steal Lil’Reaper’s girlfriend and because of that both of them decide to compete against each other to see who wins- who do you think will be the winner?

My thoughts:

    I have to say that my favorite episodes are: ‘Moon tanning your way to fabulous’ and ‘Full Moon’ but also the one called ‘Let’s get in Shape’. The first one because I can’t simply stop laughing when I saw Lil’ Reaper using a small bikini and the reaction Zombie had- which Lil’ Reaper thought was a compliment; but even funnier was when he started to walk away and you can see the thong (so cute). The second one, because they are both trying to lift weights but Zombie’s little arms just stayed glued to the weights and you can see the cute form of the bones and his reactions is like: what did you think would happen? I also liked a lot the little details like the cavern Lil’ Reaper made which had a heart-shape and how he was looking for a formula to look like a human. It’s a really wonderful and cute comic and I can’t wait to read more from these lovely characters, and I would really LOVE to see this in the future as small videos because that introduction video in their website was really good.


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