Monday, June 16, 2014

Interview: JA Comics Creators of the Little Reaper in Love

By Aliraluna
1. How did you both come up with the idea of creating this unique comic and why?
It started as a final project in college. The assignment was to bind a collection of poems or whatever we wanted; it just had to be more than a few pages. We decided to work together in something different and made a coloring book featuring our Little Reaper. The Little Reaper himself was product of random doodling by Ariana. It was one of those moments were an artist imagines this whole world around a single character. Later on, we spoke about starting a web-comic and after brainstorming a bunch of ideas, we realized that we had the perfect characters and settings all along! And that’s how it came to be.

2. Tell us a bit about both of you.
Both of us were born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. Ariana resides in Carolina, while Jessica lives in San Juan. We graduated from the University of Puerto Rico in Carolina with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Arts. In our free time we like to work on original art in various mediums (original characters, fun settings, cute situations, etc.)

Ariana Reyes
DOB: August 4 1989
Zodiac sign: Leo

On her free time she browses the Internet for new web-comics to read. Her favorite comic of all time is Bill Waterson’s “Calvin and Hobbes”.  She also enjoys reading Graphic Design blogs and watching series and horror films on Netflix.

Jessica Rosado
DOB: October 2 1989
Zodiac sign: Libra

On the little free time she has, she enjoys canvas painting and watching TV series like The Walking Dead (mega fan!). Her favorite web-comic is “Loading Artist”.

3. What are your current and future works, if any?
For now we’re focusing on The Little Reaper in Love. We’re planning on releasing a graphic novel, which is still in the planning stage. There’s also talk of a mini-comic book series about stray “sato” dogs in Puerto Rico.

4. Talk about Little Reaper in Love and your favorite character.
The Little Reaper in Love is about a group of ghouls and creatures that live in a Municipal Cemetery. Our resident, Reaper, is in love with a ghost –which frightens him, if you can believe it- and decides to turn her into a Reaper as well. The web-comic focuses on the many dates and situations that the Lil’ Reaper has to go through to impress The Girlfriend, bringing along his loyal friend the Zombie and “battling” The Vampyr for The Girlfriend’s affection.

Jessica’s favorite character is The Zombie because even though he doesn’t speak, his actions speak for him. He’s the Renaissance man around the Municipal Cemetery, which means, he does everything.

Ariana’s favorite character is The Little Reaper ‘cause he acts so tough but he’s very caring and na├»ve.

5. How was your experience in Puerto Rico Comic Con?
Simply epic! It was our first convention and we’re already planning for next year. We’re still dreaming about that weekend like it was yesterday. As aspiring web-comic artists, it was an amazing event to get exposure, meet other talented artists, make business contacts, and of course, talk face-to-face with our readers or like we affectionately like to call them: “Residents of the Municipal Cemetery”.

6. Last words (write anything you would like to say to your current and future followers).

We want to thank everyone for the support! We started back in August 2013 and since then it has been a humbling experience; from meeting and learning from other artists to participating in festivals and conventions. Keep reading The Little Reaper in Love, there are more surprises to come, and to those who haven’t read it yet or are planning to: We welcome you to the Municipal Cemetery!

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