Thursday, January 23, 2014

Geek Whales spotted devouring food @ East.

Kings and Queens
Every once in a while things will come together in such a way, that had you planned them, it would have never worked out. Today was one of those days. For those of you who don’t know me, I am Prologue. I am one of the founding members of Geek Whale. Tonight, I received a message from Houdini (another Geek Whale member). He was hungry. What a coincidence! So was I. My brother and his girlfriend were at the house, Houdini picked up another friend by chance and we all went together to East in Guaynabo.

That's right, it's a pineapple!
We didn’t eat there. We feasted! We feasted like KINGS and QUEENS! The ridiculous amount of food that we ordered could have been viewed as a mistake, or as a most glorious of challenges. It was a glorious challenge. We ordered, we ate, and the food coma almost killed us, but we survived! And really, isn’t that what's important?

Two desserts! Two!
We opted out of the more expensive teppanyaki or sushi. These two options are great, don’t get me wrong, but they are deliciously expensive. And let’s face it, it’s Thursday, we couldn’t go too crazy. We ordered appetizers, three main dishes, two orders of the East fried rice, and Houdini and his friend ordered two desserts. That's right, I said two! We ate till we had trouble breathing. It was amazing. The staff let us laugh and joke as loud as we wanted and were always super attentive.

If you want to feast like Kings & Queens, and not break your budget on a nice dinner among friends, this should definitely be on your list. Geek Whale approves!

Prologue & Houdini 
till next time,


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