Thursday, January 23, 2014

Comebacks: From nostalgia to present day epic-ness

The 80s and 90’s, what glorious memories ravage through our thoughts! Sylvester Stallone training for that fight with that seemingly unbeatable foe. Arnold taking names left and right as a behemoth-killing machine. Ahh! Such sweet fond childhood memories! The Die Hard movie experience delivered the greatest Christmas movie, possibly of all time. If you lived as I did, your childhood was GODLY.

Nowadays we are seeing more and more comebacks from the great heroes of our time: Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Willis. All of our heroes are delivering the great action that we were raised on.

Truth be told, not all comebacks have been great. But the ones that have come back successfully, this is a very heartfelt and warmed up, THANK YOU.

It started, what seems like a decade ago, with Rocky’s return to the big screen. Rocky V didn’t live up to the fan’s expectations and left a bad taste in our mouths. Rocky Balboa, on the other hand, did give us that one; true, real, last rocky fight that the fans wanted. The nostalgia was everywhere. Stallone took advantage of how much we missed him, and he returned as another one of our childhood heroes: RAMBO

To watch Rambo again, on the big screen, was as close to a religious experience as I have had. Some people say it was unsatisfactory, to them I say: TO HELL WITH YOU. That movie was AWESOME! You see before the movie Rambo became a verb, to truly comprehend its epic-ness, one had to singlehandedly face an entire army to the extreme all alone. And that he did brothers and sisters……he did that.

Following that comes THE EXPENDABLES. Need I say more? Alright, it’s true that I do appreciate the second one more, but the first one had something we had all dreamed of when we were but violent wee ones; all of our heroes together in a single movie. It was amazing. It brutally delivered all we hoped. Now the sequel…can’t describe it. It’s too awesome. It’s on Netflix. LOOK IT UP!

Arnold has also made his comeback. He has also successfully delivered. Note that he accepts he is old, but that hasn’t stopped him from delivering boot to ass! With movie titles like The Last Stand, Escape Plan, and Expendables 2, he’s shown us that he has yet to slow down his terminator ways. And we hope he doesn’t stop anytime soon.

To a disappointing end, we saw the last Die Hard movie, which shattered our hopes with its bad CGI and Bruce Willis’ evident boredom of the role. He has shown better movies, like Red. I just beg the gods, that he realizes the error of taking up old roles without desiring to do them. For the fans of John McLane, we were baffled by the last movie’s failed attempt at showing us what he is known for; being human.

Whales and whalettes I must leave you. What was your favorite childhood obsession and has it made the comeback? If it has, did you ADORE IT?

With that said, take Commando, Demolition Man and call me in the morning. 
This is Dr. Sparta.

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