Friday, August 8, 2014

Anime Review: No Game No Life

Produced by: Madhouse
Manga and Art by: Yū Kamiya
Anime available in: Crunchyroll
By Aliraluna


 No Game No Life is the story of the hikikomori siblings Shiro and Sora.  They have become urban legends not only because of their mysterious gamer name “[   ]” (blank), but more importantly because they have never lost a game. One day, after defeating 1,200 players, they receive an email from an unknown sender with a question: “Have you two siblings ever felt like you were born in the wrong world?” While Sora is wondering how does this person knows they are siblings, he notices a link which leads them to a chess game. After winning, they receive another email with questions such as; what they would do if there was a world with clear rules and goals, and their answer is that if there’s a world like that then they were born on the wrong world. Suddenly, they are transported/reborn in Tet’s world, a world in which everything is decided by games and ten pledges. Sora decides that they will save Imanity and conquer the world in order to challenge again the last God, Tet.
What are the ten pledges? The ten pledges were made by Tet when he was named the One True God after winning in the eternal war in which the old gods and their creations fought for the right to be the One True God. In order for these pledges to apply, the players need to raise their hands and say “Aschente”.
Characters Overview:

)    Sora: Older brother of Shiro, he’s eighteen years old. He’s excellent at analyzing the opponent’s expressions and next movements; he also seems to be good at love games. He has maroon hair and red eyes; he’s tall and thin and wears a shirt that says “I heart (love) Humanity”.

2   Shiro: She’s eleven years old and is excellent with calculations; she knows about twenty languages and can learn a new one in fifteen minutes. Seems to be excellent in chess and shooting games. Has long pale blue hair, red eyes and wear a purple sailor uniform.

      Stephanie Dola: She’s eighteen years old and was a princess in the Imanity kingdom. She has short red hair with a blue flower, blue eyes and wears an elegant dress. She’s naïve, very social and can make friends very easy. She also handles Imanity state affairs… and makes good cookies.


 This anime is by far one of the best I have ever seen. I adore the colors, the characters and of course the plot. Even if I’m not a gamer I can still enjoy the amazing story and understand some references through the story, like the game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. My favorite character is the adorable genius Shiro because I adore her personality and her amazing abilities in the games. Hope you enjoy it because this anime is AWESOME!

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