Monday, August 4, 2014

Anime review: Magi: the Labyrinth of Magic/ Magi: The Kingdom of Magic

Anime produced by: A-1 Pictures
Story and art by: Shinobu Ohtaka
By Aliraluna

My review:

The story begins with a blue haired boy named Aladdin, who demands to know what he is, but the djinn he asks, called Ugo, can’t say the answer. Instead, he offers Aladdin a wish. Later, Aladdin meets Alibaba, a young servant trying to get rich, while eating all the watermelons Alibaba was supposed to take care of. At Alibaba’s house, he explains to Aladdin that fourteen years ago, strange magical structures called Dungeons started appearing around the world, and that whoever could clear the dungeons would gain power and wealth, such as gold, jewelry and magical items, the things that Alibaba needs. Alibaba also mentions that the best items are the metal djinn vessels. At the streets, they see a girl with an enormous basket of fruits, and she has chains in her feet, a symbol of being a slave. She notices they are looking at her feet, and while trying to hide the chains, she stumbles onto the ground. Aladdin doesn’t like the way Alibaba’s master treats her, and decides to call Ugo to scare them. Afterwards, an accident occurs in the desert while trying to deliver wine, and the powers of Aladdin are seen again: the enormous Ugo and his magic turban that transforms into a magic carpet, since he can actually fly! After witnessing this this, Alibaba feels that Aladdin could help him complete the dungeons, and the two decide to become friends, along with the girl, who’s name is Morgiana. After some adventures, they decide to part ways for training, and in doing so they find many risks, and gain experiences and knowledge by working hard. But will this help them when a dark, secret organization attacks them?

My thoughts:
The first thing I liked about this anime was the setting. As someone from the Caribbean, it made me happy to see an environment that I can identify with, including high temperatures, the forests, the caves, the ocean, and much more. My favorite characters are Aladdin, Ugo and Titus. The story is fantastic with many lessons, such as never giving up, friendship, how to defeat your past, and how to move on. My favorite part is when the three main characters were training during season two, especially Aladdin, as he went to a school of magic, where he meets Titus. The plot is really good, and I can’t wait to know more about Aladdin and Sinbad’s past, and about the secret organization. Aladdin and Alibaba also change over the course of the story, becoming more mature and determined. In my opinion, Alibaba’s task will be more difficult for him for two reasons: his past, and the fact that he can’t summon his djinn. Will he be able to learn how? Find out!

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