Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Manga Review: Case Closed vol.2

Story and art by: Gosho Aoyama
By Aliraluna


Conan Edogawa never imagined he had to go back to elementary school, but at least he now has a new weapon to capture criminals: super sneakers. Later that day Rachel’s father sees on the television that the man he was hired to follow was found dead. While he was being questioned he learns that the victim, Masaki Negishi, had a five million yen life insurance and that his friend, Mr. Yutaka Abe, was the benefactor. Yukata explains that it was all because of a “game”. One day Neishi said that they aren’t young anymore and that if he was interested in making a bet to see who was going to live longer. Richard Moore is not convinced and he feels the murderer is Yukata Abe, but, like the name of this issue is “the perfect Alibi” since the body was found at the fire festival on Thursday, Richard followed the victim until Wednesday and Yukata was on a trip from Wednesday to Friday. Who’s the man that Richard was following and why did Yukata decide to go away?

In “The Missing Man” Conan finds useful information and another weapon. The doctor gives him “homing glasses” with the capacity of track someone’s location if they are within twenty kilometers but he has to place a sticker on the person he’s tracking for it to work completely. A girl arrives at the office of Richard begging them to look for her father who has been missing for a month. Kenzo Hirota worked in a taxi company and owned four cats called Kai, Tei, Go and Oh. While she’s explaining this, Conan by mistake places the sticker on the watch of the girl. After a week, Conan is watching the television when suddenly on the horse riding program a man called Gokai Teio achieves another victory. Conan sees a connection but decides to ignore it, but Rachel tells her father that they must go to the tracks to see if the winner is there. The next day they call the girl and she arrives quickly. Conan notices that she looks different, wearing makeup and using a more mature outfit, but Rachel says that is perhaps to greet her father. They take the girl to where the man was staying, and the man was very shocked when he sees her and while they are going away they see a man watching them. But things get worse when Rachel attempts to find out what happened to both of them. At the end of this case, Conan learns that there’s a mystery syndicate that uses black clothes, just like the men he’s chasing after. is it them?

Then Conan has a mini adventure with his friends from school in “Mansion of Horror”, never imagining that the four of them; the girl, the strength, the scientist and the investigator; would resolve an unresolved case from five years ago.

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