Saturday, August 16, 2014

Manga Review: Case Closed vol.1

Story and art by: Gosho Aoyama
By Aliraluna


High-school student Jimmy Kudo resolved another murder case, his famous discovery made it into the newspaper. Walking home with his friend, Rachel Moore the captain of the karate club, they have a talk about detective novels and their plan of going the next day to the amusement park to celebrate that Rachel won the city tournament. In Tropical Land he tries to show off his detective skill by making an example of a gymnastic girl, without knowing what would happen later. While riding the roller coaster, Jimmy feels water and something warm; when the ride finishes they see blood everywhere and a body without its head. Who’s the killer? 

Later that day, Jimmy sees two men in black that were in the same ride as he was, talking with the president, possibly black-mailing him. The president has a suitcase full of money which he gives to the men in black in exchange for a film containing the evidence of his company’s involvement with gun contraband. But just as Jimmy is taking pictures of this important case, another man with the long hair comes from behind and starts to beat him. He decides that instead of killing Jimmy using guns he will use a newly-developed pill with unknown effects. Jimmy is barely alive and feels his body burning up, melting, and when cops arrive and find him they call him “little boy”. 

He escapes from a medical room to go to his house; in which he finds Dr. Agasa the only person that knows his secret and will help him through the challenge of finding the man who hurt him and turned him into a young child. While he’s at home with Dr. Agasa, Rachel suddenly arrives looking for him but all she sees is the doctor and a cute kid who names himself Conan (remember, the creator of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle). The doctor asks Rachel if Conan can stay with her for a while as he is a busy man and can’t take care of him. She accepts but the truth is that it’s because he will be safe being away from his home and also because Rachel’s father is a detective and he can get information if her father gets more cases. 

The first case is of a little girl who has been taken away and someone that wants three million yen in exchange for the girl, but the one who will discover the clues is none other than Conan. The second case is much horrible and difficult because no one knows who the murderer of the dead body lying in the floor of a famous artist apartment is. But this case makes Rachel’s father more famous giving him new cases. Also Conan receives a new “weapon” made by the doctor; the weapon is a small bow tie voice modulator. At the end, Conan decides that once he gets back his old body and life he will confess his true feelings for Rachel.

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